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Squad Goals

Ended Saturday
09 March

Jane and Kel Go on Tour

Ended Saturday
11 May

Motor-Mouth & Suckface

Ended Saturday
02 December

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about us

What's Share House Anyway?

Share House is a Brisbane based independent theatre company dedicated to sharing gutsy stories that resonate with young adults.

Share House got its start in 2014, at a USQ college dining hall. Spurred on by the desire to tell stories that really mattered and be employed founders Brodie, Emma and Josh conceived the idea for a theatre company over ice-cream and essay notes. Since then Share House has produced 10 separate shows, and established itself as a rebellious upstart within the industry.

Why theatre? We believe in the power of shared live experiences. In spite of funding cuts and being associated with lame school trips, theatre has endured as storytelling, challenging authority, and bringing communities together since the dawn of recorded civilisation. Life and our experience of it is mirrored in the stories we tell. Theatre is blood and breath and temporary, what better medium for sharing our experiences than to have stories being lived an arm’s length in front of you?

our staff

Meet the Housemates

Share House Theatre Company is lead by its founding members: Brodie Greenhalgh, Emma Black and  Josh Lyons. The Executives are supported by a huge team of local home-grown actors, talented directors & writers, and generous venues.

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