A food and masculinity double

They say you should write about what you know. But all we know is the exact distance to our closest HSP and how to make a bed-side table out of beer cartons and textbooks. If you share a similar skill-set, you might enjoy our Food and Masculinity Double Bill as part of the Anywhere Theatre Festival this May.

May contain traces of nuts, written by Share House Theatre Company

What do you do if you find your partner riding solo, dancing with herself so to say? We’re asking for a friend; our friend Evan. May contain traces of nuts isn’t a lecture, a self-help seminar, a discussion, or a 50-something presenting ‘what’s wrong with young people these days’. It’s just the story of a guy who lives with his party animal of a dad, doesn’t understand women, is assimilating from adolescence into a socially acceptable form of masculinity (whatever that is), and takes advice from the poster that hangs above his bed.

‘Nuts’ is Share House’s baby, our first show. After seasons at the Empire Theatre in Toowoomba and the Adelaide Fringe Festival, we return ‘Nuts’ to QLD for its first Brisbane season. If you take gym selfies, know someone that takes gym selfies, or are sick of gym selfies, this one’s for you.

Immaculate Confection, written by Josh Lyons

A man and a watermelon walk into a bar. Neither of them drink because he’s breastfeeding. In Immaculate Confection Chris watches over his precious baby watermelon, while Psychologists observe him, and we watch the whole thing. Chris’ family and friends try to be supportive, but at what point should they be concerned? When he starts following Mummy blogs on Instagram, when he installs a motion sensor in the crib, or when he starts a college fund for when young Melonny moves out and goes to medical school?

Is Immaculate Confection about growing up, taking on responsibility, managing the stress of adulthood, or D) none of the above? You’re only in your 20’s once, so go watch some Spongebob in ya’ PJs for crying out loud.

Sharehouse Theatre Company presents The Food and Masculinity Double Bill as part of Anywhere Theatre Festival from the 4th – 15th May.
Where: Bedouin Brew, Rocklea
Price: $25 Adults $20 Concession

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