The Amazing Chickpea Bros head to the Brisbane Powerhouse!

Liam & Tony Bushel, aka the amazing chickpea bros, aka the masterminds behind your favourite roasted Legume snack, are heading to Brisbane Powerhouse this July in conjunction with Short + Sweet festival. As the Short + Sweet team say, a lot can happen in 10 minutes so here’s 10 things you’ll need to know before you meet da boiz:

1. Short + Sweet Festival QLD hosts over 60 theatre and Cabaret performances.

2. Each performance must be under 10 minutes and you’ll see up to 10 performances per night.

3. Performances are separated by ‘Strands’ (think heats). We will be performing in STRAND 1.

4. At Short + Sweet our future is in YOUR HANDS. Well, that’s a bit dramatic but what we mean is after the show you get to vote on your favourite two performances which will be sent through to the Gala Finals and perform to 1000 people.

5. Last year we boasted a position in the Gala Finals with our performance of ‘Delinquence’ by Josh Lyons. Back off Tall Poppy Syndrome, we’re damn proud! Thank YOU #housemates for travelling to the Gold Coast or Brisbane to support us.

6. Last year the show ‘Boys Taste Better With Nutella’ by Caitlin Hill and Peter Wood, took out the top prize. Even though it was the first performance we saw of the whole festival-it was our favourite to win from the get-go. We are pleased to have since become bffs with Caitlin and Peter, who have also featured in Share House Performances this year. These two are amazing to work with and so talented. Go see Boys taste better with Nutella mark the beginning of Short+Sweet this year.

7. Housemate Jo Lyon, who you may remember from Bard in the Yard: Romeo + Juliet and May Contain Traces of Nuts, will be debuting her cabaret, Try Hard, in strand 4 at the Brisbane Powerhouse. Jo has been developing her cabaret work for quite some time and refuses to give us a previews despite our YEARS of begging. Jo is talented, hard working, and damn funny, so go see her strand and we’ll see you there!

8. The creation of ‘The Amazing Chickpea Bros’ has been a collaborative process for Share House with the play written by Brodie Greenhalgh (Liam) and Josh Lyons (Tony), and Directed by Emma Black.

9. Liam and Tony run a chickpea empire.
But Tony’s stressed out, and Liam’s nowhere to be seen, all before the most important meeting in the history of the business.
Liam and Tony ran a chickpea empire.

The Amazing Chickpea brothers is the story of two young men who spend their whole lives struggling with failure, only to find the real struggle is coming face to face with success.

10. You can catch Liam and Tony in Strand 1 from the 26-29th of July at Brisbane Powerhouse. We want to fill the Powerhouse to the rafters with housemates, to strut through the those automatic doors with dozens of you in a slow motion montage. But get your tickets quick, this festival sells out fast!

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