4 Reasons this Theatre Company doesn't want you to go to the Theatre this May

Anywhere theatre festival is just around the corner. From the 4th to the 21st of May theatre makers, visual artists, and comedians join forces to rebel against the traditional performance space that it the theatre. As participants of the festival, here are Share House Theatre Company’s top 4 reasons why you should jump on the Anywhere Festival bandwagon.

  1. Explore the hidden secrets of Brisbane and the surrounds

Do you suffer from weekend dejavu? Do you hit up the same watering holes so often that staff, who address you by name, have your pulled pork burrito with an apple cider ready to go before you step over the threshold? The excitement of an Anywhere show is that it could be Anywhere! A café down an ally you had never noticed before, a book store, yoga studio, a museum, or bowls club; the possibilities are endless! We at Share House are over the moon to be performing at Bedouin Brew coffee shop. Hidden amongst the industrial sheds of Rocklea, Bedouin Brew is an oasis of caffeine and greenery thanks to the co-sharing plant shop next door. You never know, you might just find your next go-to weekend sanctuary.

  1. Support local artists (and help Anywhere Festival help us)

L.N. Smith (whoever that is) said that “every dollar you spend is a vote you cast for the world you want”. Therefore a Anywhere ticket is a vote for home grown artists, local stories, small business, and community collaboration. Coming to enjoy Anywhere also helps to ensure the Festival can continue supporting local artists. The Festival facilitates ticket booking services, reviewing of performances, distribution of thousands of festival guides to potential customers, supports companies in finding the perfect venue and many more necessary activities that allow the artists to focus on what’s important, putting on a kick-a** show for you!

  1. It’s the ‘two minute noodle’ of a nights out

There’s nothing quite like finding excess funds in your pocket after a night out. Where a visit to a traditional theatre has the potential to strip you of your entertainment fund until next pay day, Anywhere tickets are notoriously cheap as chips. Share House’s “Food and Masculinity Double” will only set you back a smashed avo and long black (or $20-$25 to be precise).

  1. Unique spaces and audience comradery

The challenge of performing in a café, on a boat, or even in a hospital is sure to keep artists on their toes meaning a more interesting show for you. This is something we at Share House can certainly vouch for after our successful season of Romeo + Juliet earlier this year performed in none other than a good ol’ suburban backyard. DIY lighting, a ladder doubling as Juliet’s balcony, last minute gardening, neighbourhood noises, an unexpected flight path, and a spiderweb that somehow got inhaled by the Director. All of this was topped off one Saturday night by two episodes of rain. With a towel over the tech, our audience donned their blankets over their heads and joined with the cast and crew in some kind of spiritual, figurative artistic huddle pushing everyone through to the end. Our audience had a great night. They entered as strangers and, much like housemates do, left as comrades. Think that you’ll get that in a conventional theatre?

So, now that you’re convinced, we hope to see you at Bedouin Brew 4th– 15th for the original “The Food and Masculinity Double”, presented by us, Share House Theatre Company, and designed especially for you, our Housemates.

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