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12th of June 2017.

Jot that date down in your diary, pop in on the fridge, tap it into your smartphone, and scrawl it onto the bathroom mirror with red lippy because that date marks the first developmental reading of ‘Brainlings’ written by Paula Araujo, and brought to you by Share House.

So, what drew Share House Theatre Company to ‘Brainlings’ and why do we hope to see you there?

For Share House, it’s important to produce ‘Brainlings’ because, although not always explicitly, we explore mental illness in all of our shows, in varying degrees. It’s important that we shift our focus to the younger generation as well. We want to be open and honest about mental health. It’s important to start that conversation early. Theatre is resource that has power to help people understand themselves, and that is what we can contribute to the discussion.

In reflecting on our education surrounding mental health while at school, we wish that we had been exposed to more information surrounding the chemistry and science behind why we feel a certain way, identifying what those feelings are, and what you can do when chemicals may be imbalanced. We also hope for young people to feel comfortable talking to a professional about mental health when they need to, and the benefits these discussions can have.

As a group fairly new to the discussion, we look forward to sharing this work with you and learning from your thoughts, whether they be from the perspective of a mental health professional, teacher, artist, or community member. We want to know whether the work will be relevant for schools, and how can the work be used for the benefit of schools? How will the work relate and engage young minds? Will it be honest, open, and truthful enough? Will the language used be appropriate for the target age demographic of 9-14? Is the message delivered clearly, is it clear that seeking help is a good thing?

So, now that you know a little more, we hope that you are just as excited as we are to have a hand in shaping this locally written original work. Please do not hesitate to email us or message us on social media should you have any questions about ‘Brainlings’.

All are welcome! If you would like to attend, please RSVP via sharehousetheatreco@gmail.com with “Brainlings Reading” in the subject line by Monday the 5th of June.

See you there Housemates! (And if you’re new here, that’s you!)

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