The Story of Jane and Kel

Jane and Kel go to Hell, by Steve Pirie runs from the 5th-7th April at The Lumen Room, Metro Arts, more info here.

We’ve been friends with Steve Pirie for a while. Since 2012 to be exact. Aside from being possibly the coolest guy you’ve ever met, pretty solid at prison rules uno, and the kind of person who hugs from the heart, Steve is also a theatre-maker whose work has delighted and amazed us from the very beginning of our journey. His works Escape from the Breakup Forest (2012), Bad Friend (2013), 3 O’clock Flagpole (2016), Coriolanus dogs the boys (2017) and Return to the Dirt (2017) have all been landmark experiences in our journey as artists, telling stories about the things we’ve been through, the worlds we’ve always imagined, and even the town that brought us together (it’s Toowoomba by the way. More on that later). And that’s just the ones we got to see.

When we first put a call out to help us rise to an unexpected opportunity in late 2017, Steve was an obvious choice. We needed a spark, and he was a constant source of brilliant ideas and thoughtful advice.

A short messenger exchange later, we had our spark.

Jane and Kel was thrilling, quirky, badass, messy, imposing and wired.

Two women smash cheeseburgers, slay karaoke, kill it at slam poetry, vom at aerobics, and fight demons, in a 70 minute chaotic whirlwind of feminist anthems and Africa by Toto. It’s everything we’ve always loved about Steve’s work, and theatre for young people, and here it was, signed with a request to think it through.

“I just peed my pants”- Emma Black, shortly after the above.

A few meetings later, and we’re in business. Steve tells us that he’d like to get his mate Maddie Nixon involved. Maddie, whose magnificent work The Parable People (2016) still gets me in stitches to think about. And that’s just the very tip of her creative iceberg, which boasts credits across with Queensland Theatre, Playlab, Metro Arts, La Boite, Supercell Festival of Contemporary Dance, and Digi Youth Arts, to name a few.

Suddenly it’s basically a dream team of Brisbane indie comedy theatre (a niche, but important market), and, miraculously, they’ve all said yes.

We had planned to take ourselves to a new place this year, and what better team to lead us, screaming, laughing, crying, and punching, into our own, personal, nine circles of Hell?

If you'd love to hear more of their thoughts on the show, check out episode 3 of our podcast on Soundcloud.

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