New Year, New Us

I know it’s February, so using that adage feels somehow even more dated than usual, but seeing as now’s the time our year properly kicks into gear, I think it’s appropriate.

To understand what our vision for this year is, we need to go back a little bit and talk about where we’ve come from. Context, as they say, is everything.

2017 was the biggest year Share House has ever had. Ever. Both as a collective and as individuals we pushed ourselves more, for a larger output of work, on a larger scale than we’d ever done before. It culminated in 8 separate performance outcomes with 34 local artists in a season of 5 new works by local writers as well as our 2 Shakespearean adventures and the modern legend: Motormouth+Suckface.

While the enormous success of the year brought a lot of optimism and momentum for the future, the drawback for us was fatigue. When Motormouth+Suckface closed on the 3rd of December, we had been in production non-stop for over a year, and though we had opportunity to kick straight away into new projects, we also had the chance to finally stop, and see what changed for us over the biggest year we’d ever had.


The answer?

We need to work smarter.


Our ambition has been met with a great deal of support from our audience, but our focus needs to be on increasing the reach of our work, and continuing to hone into what makes our work unique, interesting, and worthy of your attention.


What are we doing about it?

The shift in our approach is evident in a few areas. Firstly, this, our website. Designed by our wonderful friend Milkman Matty, our website is part of our push to legitimise our work in the eyes of the general public. It’ll be a place for newcomers to see what we’re about, old housemates to check in on what we’re up to, and, perhaps most importantly, it’ll show up when someone googles us.

Secondly, you may have noticed a few changes in our social media presence. Past guru Athina Cantle is stepping back into a less hands-on role, which is leaving Brodie to run our Facebook page, events, and promotions, and our instagram is being shifted into a curated board of stories. Rather than use the platform to incessantly bang our marketing material against the proverbial heads of our audience, we want to provide a more casual look into our experience. Sometimes this will be behind the scenes looks at our work, but more frequently it will be stories, anecdotes and thoughts that show what it means to be us, how we engage with the world, and what is important to the people behind the company.

Thirdly, the work itself. We will be slowing the output of shows from last year to this for us to really push the quality, relevance, and outreach of each of the works we put on. We are also inviting more people into the process of deciding what work we do put on. Our two current works in development have invited 8 people that aren’t members of Share House’s core team into central creative roles, and we are thrilled to see what changes and growth these new voices will bring to our art.

Last of all, our commitment to you, our audience. We want you to trust, when you see our work, that you will enjoy it, be challenged by it, and be inspired by it. Throughout the year we will be announcing a number of ways for audiences to engage with us, and our work, for free. This will give new audiences the opportunity to try before they buy, and really understand what to expect when they walk into our shows. Much of this content will be hosted here, on our website, but we are also hunting for ways to increase the value of a night spent with us. Expect to see extra goodies thrown in with our productions throughout the year, so if you were on the fence, maybe they’ll get you over it?


And that’s it. That’s what we’ll be changing about our approach in the coming weeks and months. If you’d like to see what these changes will do to our work, our first show for 2018 has just been announced. Jane and Kel Go to Hell by the wonderful Steve Pirie will be showing at Metro Arts in April. It’s a hell of a play, and we assure you it will epitomise all of the stuff we’ve told you about. Get your tickets here.

Also keep an eye out for Nasty, our work in development, which will be rearing its angry head in the next few weeks.


All our love,

Brodie, Emma, and Josh

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