11 August 2016 - 13 August 2016

Gold Coast Arts Centre/Brisbane Powerhouse


Delinquence by Josh Lyons
Directed by Emma Black
Starring Emma Windress, Alex Budden, Rebekah Schmidt, Brendan O'Leary & Josh Lyons
Short+Sweet 2016 Gala Finalist

Miss Jones has been called in to teach a group of grade fivers, but when she arrives there's been a mistake. The 10 year olds she expected are adults. It's not a prank, this is the D class. A group of students who have struggled with their education from day 1, and are well behind on account of it. Ricky has anxiety issues, Ange has attitude problems, Tai can't get his head around schoolwork, and Petie- well, Petie just hasn't had someone to support him properly yet, or at least that's what he reckons.

Through a 10 minute exploration of the people left behind by our school system, we learn all about their problems, how they've been let down, and how the institution can crush the spirits of even the most optimistic teachers and students.

Delinquence was presented through Short+Sweet QLD at the Gold Coast Arts Centre, and in the Gala Finals at the Brisbane Powerhouse.

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