The Amazing Chickpea Bros

26 July 2017 - 29 July 2017

Brisbane Powerhouse


The Amazing Chickpea Bros by Brodie Greenhalgh and Josh Lyons
Directed by Emma Black
Starring Brodie Greenhalgh & Josh Lyons

Liam has been gone for a year. The explosive success of The Amazing Chickpea Bros' Famous Roasted Chickpeas has gone to his head, and he's taken the opportunity to take the roadtrip of a lifetime. He hasn't told Tony, who has been left holding the business together for that whole time. He's doing well, but his ideas have no spark, no pazazz, no je ne sais quoi, and business is suffering for it.

Now there's a chance to turn everything around. Sir Richard Branson has invited Tony personally to discuss getting their chickpeas on airlines, an enormous win for the snack start-up.

Tony's ready to go. Until Liam rocks up, clad in merch and his fake tan, blasting Humble, with ideas to boot.

The Amazing Chickpea Bros is the story of two brothers who spent their whole life wrestling with failure, only to discover the real struggle is coming face to face with success.

The Amazing Chickpea Bros has also been adapted as a short cabaret produced in collaboration with Brisbane City Council & Visible Ink. for Youth Week.

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